Meet The Mezcaleras

The MayaJules Master Mezcaleras each specialize in harvesting and distilling particular types of Agave. Their combined knowledge often passed down from generations, is immense. They have a real sense of pride in the lands they cultivate. The goddess speaks to us through them.

Felicitas ‘Licha’ Hernandez hails from the venerated Velasco family ‘Palenque’ (or Mezcal workshop) in San Luis del Rio, known for their expertise in harvesting Espadin and Tobala. Licha is in charge of foraging for and distilling the Tobalá

Victoria Rodriguez Bautista of Rio de Ejutla was born and raised into the field, learning her craft from her maternal grandfather Adrian Bautista. Today she is the keeper of her family’s tradition harvesting Tobasiche, a wild agave that takes twelve to thirteen years to mature.

Don Francisco and Doña Paola lead Ni-Dain , their palenque meaning foothill in zapoteco. Fourth generation mezcalerxs, they produce a sublime liqiud from espadin, which attracts local bees with their sweetness. The numerous hives in return pollinate their fields.


MayaJules Mezcal originates in Oaxaca, a mountainous state in the South of Mexico that is blessed with a vibrant mix of indigenous peoples. The art of harvesting agave and blending Mezcal dates back centuries and is deeply entwined with local spirituality.

In Mexican mythology, Mezcal is the product of a tragic love story. The mortal Mayahuel, fell in love with Quetzalcoatl, the god of creation. His grandmother Tzitzímitl, angry at him for having fallen in love with a mortal, transforms him into an agave plant so that he could never be held again. He begs his love Mayahuel to cut off his leaves so that she can hold him once more. An irate Tzitzímitl intervenes and sends lightning that burns the agave, transforming his core into mezcal. A desolate Mayahuel drinks the nectar and is herself transformed into the goddess of fertility and love.

MayaJules reconnects with its primordial roots and makes Mezcal for modern, urbane women – and the men and women who love them.

Our Sustainable Promise.

Our commitment to integrity – to ourselves, our community, and our product, bonds our passion, creativity, and ethics, empowering us as a global brand.

  • Respecting the mezcaleras traditions
  • Not exploiting the land or its people
  • Preserving bio diversity

We support our Mezcaleras’ traditional farming and foraging methods, processes which – when done correctly – have yielded agave crops for thousands of years.

We do not exploit.  We are a luxury small-batch product.  Our first blend and the ones to follow will all come in sustainably limited editions.

With each harvest we are collecting and banking seeds, ensuring none of the precious agave varietals that we rely on go extinct.

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